Emma Brown’s Summer Skin Care Recommendations

Summer Skin Care Guide

Read facialist Emma Brown’s Top Summer Skin Care Tips:

1. Invest in a specialised targeted facial SPF, one that is not only designed especially for the face but also for your skin type i.e pigmentation, oily, sensitive, mature, dry


2. Here’s a couple of my faves
. Neostrata Matrix support -anti aging
. Helio care oil free gel – oily, congested, spot prone skin
. Avène hydrance – sensitive & dry skin
. Ultrasun anti pigmentation face lotion spf 50 – pigmentation Skin
. Jan Marini physical protection – Normal Skin all skin types


3. After a day in the sun and heat ALWAYS double cleanse in the evening to remove all traces of SPF, sweat and makeup to avoid congestion and breakouts.


4. Hydrate the skin in the hot weather as it can become dehydrated, but don’t over load the skin with oily heavy creams. A Hyaluronic acid serum is great after sun exposure to hydrate the skin deeply but not congest it, follow with a light moisturiser. Also hydrating face lists are good.


5. Make sure you exfoliate at least x2 a week using a light acid based exfoliant to prevent dead skin cell build up, congestion and to stimulate skin cell turn over.


6. Use an antioxidant vitamin c based serum after cleansing before spf in the morn for extra skin protection from the sun, will also protect from pigmentation appearing and spreading.


7. Avoid any daytime acid based serums in the sun as they can cause, sensitivity, pigmentation and even peeling.


8. Always avoid advanced skin procedures just before sun exposure. (Peels, micro needling, laser & dermaplaning) as can cause pigmentation, sensitivity and skinpeeling/ swelling.


9. Limit sun exposure directly on face, neck and chest. Try specialised facial tanning products instead. My fav is Tan-Luxe super glow hyaluronic acid serum, super nourishing and v natural colour.


10. Best on the beach in the sun make-up if you really need a bit of base is my fav oxygenetix. A treatment foundation that gives amazing coverage but also treats a whole host of skin conditions and protects the skin.