Karen Cummings-Palmer – Summer Survival Guide 101

Summer Skin Care Guide

Here is Karen’s Summer Survival Guide 101…


You are of course what you eat but only if you digest it properly first so one of the easiest things that you can do to improve your health is to chew properly, not only will it help you to assimilate nutrients but it will reduce the pesky bloat so try and get to 25 chews per mouthful.

Sun protection is complicated.  Firstly, we all need a bit of unproductive sunshine to boost everything from our mood to our bones.  Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes if you are fair and up to thirty minutes if you are dark – then cover up.  Nothing beats a big hat, shades and long linen for both style and protection but a mineral based sunscreen is a good option – remember they only last for up to two hours so like all things balance is key, avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

Try boosting your natural SPF by eating lycopene rich tomatoes before you hit the beach, like carrots their anti-oxidant profile is not only protected, but increased with cooking so tomato soups and stews are a great option.  Take advantage of sunnier days and expose mushrooms to an hour of morning sunshine before throwing in your omelette, like us they soak up the rays and produce vitamin D, so you’ll boost your daily dose without compromising your skin.


If allergies are an issue, boost your intake of vitamin C and Quercetin and use a saline spray to clear out your nasal passages on a regular basis.


Heat rashes and itchy skin can be a real challenge at this time of year and keeping the skin clean is as important as keeping it nourished – bacteria, fungal infections, heat and direct sunshine conspire to inflame sensitive skin.  Look for natural remedies like Aloe Vera, Marula Oil, Helychrisum and Camomile that all help calm inflamed skin and take a good quality Omega 3 internally.


Forget about getting beach body ready, instead use the leverage of baring flesh as motivation to begin daily rituals that will last and support you over a lifetime.  Make morning movement a non-negotiable, just ten minutes a day will add up to a whole lot of extra strength and tone over time. Add super food ingredients to every meal – add seaweed to salads to help boost collagen production, throw a couple of figs in your smoothie to boost calcium and put silica rich cucumber in water to support hair and nails.   Try and have your evening meals as early as possible and limit the amount of refined sugar in your diet, so you feel strong and vital throughout the year.


If sleeping is difficult as the temperature rises try spraying magnesium oil on your tummy before bed and at this time of year it becomes even more important to have at least an hour between screen time and sleep time.