Bar Fisk


Central Amsterdam


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Lubelle Loves

  • Fisk – the Scandinavian word for fish.
  • Bar Fisk brings the lively, no-strings attached hospitality of Tel Aviv markets to Amsterdam. A small restaurant / bar off the tourist route that brings truly sensational food with great cocktails in a relaxed, low-key venue.
  • The staff are young, energetic and passionate about their food. You might also want to quiz them on the Amsterdam night life. They recommended a great bar for us.
  • Dishes are designed to be shared with a great selection of seafood and salads and the odd meat dish thrown in. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and each dish seemed better than the last. This is a 'must' visit for any foodie in Amsterdam. You won’t find many tourists here, just the hip locals.

Need to Know


Seafood restaurant and bar


Eerste Sweelinckstraat 23, 1073 CL Amsterdam, The Netherlands


All things seafood!


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