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  • Connections In Mind, are an educated, warm and decisive team who are there to guide you when you discover your child is challenged with ‘Executive Functions’.
  • Executive Functions are the mental processes in your prefrontal cortex at the front of your brain. These enable you to think before you act, resist temptation, stay focused and think flexibly.
  • We aren’t all born with these functions. It’s something that develops and not fully so until our mid 20’s.
  • When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, we didn’t really know how to manage it at home or school. Connections In Mind held all of our hands and guided us to better practices.
  • With Connections In Mind we began with their coaching pilot which meant that each week Paul, one of their amazing psychologists, came home to hang out with my son, who was 8yrs at the time. They played games and puzzles that are structured in such a way as to teach Fred about delaying gratification and organisation, to name but a few skills.
  • My husband and I also signed onto the 6-week parenting course and joined another couple from our school. We held a session at home each week for a couple of hours in the evening over a 6-week period. The greatest benefit was sharing our struggles with another family and realising we were not alone.
  • Our coach then spent time with our school to guide them on what they can and can’t expect from a child with ADHD and how to get the best out of them. Carrot rather than stick and avoiding labels which could last a lifetime.
  • It’s really overwhelming to realise that what you thought was a phase is actually a struggle that you will be faced with every day and you need to embrace it. Don’t do it alone. Connections In Mind make you feel that your kids are all right!

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If a school is always on your back about your child’s excitability, don’t shy away from having an independent assessment and getting a diagnosis. It means they will no longer be labelled ‘the naughty child’ and the teachers need to support the issue rather than fighting against it


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