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  • Dr Dray’s aesthetic clinic on Canning Street runs like a well-oiled machine. He’s renowned in the beauty industry for inventing the Mesolift; the treatment that improves the complexion, quality and elasticity of your skin.
  • I was greeted by the charming Dr Calmon who recommended I start with the Mesolift; a treatment which involves injecting a medical cocktail of vitamins, minerals, plants and elastin. The Mesolift is custom made to your complexion and based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring chemical which hydrates your skin from within. This is the magical ingredient which helps improve complexion.
  • The procedure is straight forward and takes about 15 minutes overall, then the effects can be seen almost instantly!
  • Firstly, numbing cream is applied all over the face. Then, a ‘gun’ delivers a micro-dose of the Mesolift cocktail through a microneedle. I wouldn’t describe the procedure as painful, rather an unusual sensation, with the only issue being the noise of the gun.
  • Right after the treatment a hyaluronic acid mask is applied to calm the skin, so there’s no downtime. You may have a slight, temporary, redness on your face but I left the clinic feeling happy and confident that my skin was glowing.
  • The clinic recommends you have 3 sessions in a row over the space of two weeks and then continue with one every couple of months. I was recommended to come back for some Botox and under-eye treatment, but I decided to stick to my Mesolifts for now!

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Mesolift Facial


20 Canning Place, London, W8 5AD, England


Mesolift £200

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