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  • The idea behind FaceGym makes complete sense to us! What’s not to like about non-invasive techniques that deliver immediately visible results?
  • This is not just a facial though. It’s a workout for the face and you can expect some of the 40+ facial muscles worked on to ache the next day like they’ve never ached before! But it’s a good kind of ache, the sort familiar to all gym bunnies! No pain, no gain!
  • If you adhere to the principle that your face needs a workout just like your body, then toning it’s muscles for definition and massaging to stimulate lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and collagen production inevitably results in a tightened and revitalised skin.
  • The massage is followed by a tingly electro-current treatment causing temporary micro twitches (micro sit ups for the face!), a gold roller to boost collagen production, a Chinese jade tool to undo facial muscle knots and finishing with a cooling and refreshing vitamin dense spray. I left praying they’d create an equivalent treatment for the body!
  • Prepare to be truly amazed by the results should you choose to treat just half of your face at a time on your first visit! You’ll refuse to leave until they’ve done the other side!
  • We’re definitely adding this to our weekly maintenance regime along with nails and a blow dry! It’s affordable, effective and should you choose to invest in a home care device like the FaceGym Pro, then benefits continue to accrue through home use.

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Skincare treatments and home care devices.


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The roller is £30, beauty restorer stone £38 and the FaceGym Pro £429 - so worth it when you consider treatment costs over time.

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