Lauren Mezzina



Lubelle Loves

  • A beautiful friend introduced me to Lauren and I fell in love with her energy from the moment she stepped through my door. A strong and bright presence with the beautiful body that you might expect from an experienced yogi.
  • Lauren practices vinyasa flow and is also a pregnancy yoga instructor who is an ex classical ballerina.
  • She teaches between London, in the Winter, and Mýkonos during the Summer season. What an idyllic life.
  • Our session together felt strong and powerful. I like to keep moving and feel challenged and I definitely got that in this hour.
  • Lauren had me doing tiny adjustments to my poses that I had not tried before which really made a difference to the whole feel of the pose.
  • By the end of our time together I was completely wrung out and sweating but in the most energising way.
  • I felt grateful for the meditation at the end.
  • I’ve not been to Greece and knowing that Lauren is there is now an extra incentive to book that ticket.

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