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  • London Cryo is based at Eccleston Yard in Belgravia offers the latest technology in cryotherapy.
  • Cryotherapy is still fairly new in this country. It is most commonly used in medical and cosmetic therapy.
  • The whole process accelerates the body’s natural recovery time and reduces skin inflammation. It can also be used to fight cellulite.
  • You step into a CryoCabin wearing socks, slippers and gloves and the body is enveloped by mist pulsating at a temperature of -140 degrees. It is pretty chilly, but I found the three minutes session just about bearable!
  • Lots of research has shown that it is much more beneficial to the body than the ever-popular ice baths.
  • Be warned you can’t enter the cabin if you have moisturiser on as it can cause frostbite.
  • Afterwards you will feel completely exhilarated and your skin is so soft, it’s great for a wake me up or a general health boost. We can highly recommend it.

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