Lucinda Vaughan


+44 7973 658 939


London and South Oxfordshire

Lubelle Loves

  • Lucinda Vaughan is our go to London reflexologist who also works in South Oxfordshire.
  • How can we use something so much every day and yet give them such little love and attention? Our feet definitely deserve some love as we’re sure yours do and there’s no one better to give yourself over to than Lucinda.
  • A reflexologist for over twenty years she has worked in both NHS oncology wards and the most luxurious of spas. Your treatment will be at your home, and bespoke to your needs. You can expect to feel thoroughly cared for and relaxed after a session, with all the subsequent immune-boosting, stress-busting qualities that that entails.
  • Our session was utterly relaxing and we couldn’t quite believe when it was over. Total heaven.

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Reflexology in your own home!