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Lubelle Loves

  • Lumity Life is now part of my daily routine. Having dabbled around with vitamins for years and found it hard to make them part of my daily routine, I have found the simplicity of Lumity perfect for my hectic lifestyle. I love the two bottles (labelled morning / night), one sits by my bed, while the other is in the fridge. Even I don’t forget to take them.
  • They are all-round, anti-ageing and beauty supplements. I don’t have time to take lots of different pills, so these are perfect for me.
  • As I am now in my early forties, I want to ensure I maintain my skin from the inside as well as from the outside.
  • The vitamins include vitamin A, Iodine and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin, as well as the shine boosting nutrient selenium which supports hair and nail health. Also included are the all-important magnesium and vitamin D, which aids cell renewal.

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Anti-ageing and beauty supplements


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Facial oil subscription from £48, Supplements from £76.50

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