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Lubelle Loves

  • Nuriss is the home of Dr Anita Sturnham, our GP, Dermatology specialist and Skincare Formulator. Come here for all your skincare needs.
  • I was introduced to Dr A after an allergic reaction to a treatment in Spain that left me looking like Freddie Kruger had attacked my face. Dr A saved my face and I’ve become a convert to her practices ever since.
  • I have marvelled at the Visia skin analysis machine that is the highest quality, state-of-the-art digital photograph system that has over 100,000 men’s and women’s skin types on the database. It has the ability to look at the epidermis and dermal layers to see what we can’t see with the human eye - pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, texture, pores, bacteria, redness etc.
  • The Mole Mapping machine literally photographs every blemish on your body and highlights any areas of concern that Dr Anita can then zero in on. This imagery is then saved for your next mole check to see how things have changed.
  • The facial laser package has totally improved the colour and texture of my skin, leaving it much clearer, brighter and tighter.
  • I’m currently working on the cellulite on my bottom and backs of thighs using the Exilis Elite machine with its radiofrequency waves and ultrasound to melt away fat cells and reduce fatty deposits. Waiting on results. Although I was warned of a burning sensation, I’ve loved what feels like a warm massage. You’ll know if it’s worked when I post bikini shots!
  • Nuriss is definitely a clinical experience rather than a fluffy spa. Nonetheless, that’s not to say the treatments aren’t relaxing and results amazing, but the clinic's stark white interiors feels medical/clinical.
  • Dr Anita Sturnham has a wealth of knowledge, as you’d expect, but it’s the combination of the equipment the clinic uses that will also blow you away.
  • Dr Anita Sturnham, along with two beauty experts, has created her own skin care line that she’s constantly developing.

Need to Know


Dermatology specialist


48 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8SF, England. There is also a clinic in Courchevel, Fran e during high season


HydraFacial (course of 6) - £1260, clear lift laser (course of 6) - £1680

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