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Lubelle Loves

  • Oz Garcia is the pioneer in nutrition and ageing healthily. After 3 kids I felt totally spent and older than my years, so a gorgeous friend directed me to Oz’ Upper West Side practice.
  • We did a full range of blood tests looking at everything you can imagine answering my questions such as did I have the blood indicator for Alzheimer’s or cancer. All came back clear but some elevated numbers relating to my heart. Oz booked me in that afternoon for a heart CT scan and within a couple of hours there I was looking at my heart on the screen.
  • Oz’ address book is insane…..when I had a throat issue I was whizzed to see Dr ? who’s walls were literally adorned with signed records from every artist from Madonna to Mariah.
  • I had weekly vitamin infusions made up of what Oz felt I needed.
  • I took a collection of vitamins based on my blood work and over a period of 3 months felt much more energised, strong and healthy.
  • Oz believes you can have the best body and it’s all within your reach whatever your age.
    Living better, expanding mental capabilities, weight management, looking great at any age and have extraordinary edge.
  • Programs are customized for each client, drawing on the most current thinking in nutritional science, diagnostics, genomics, fitness, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, cognitive and immune system enhancement, and life extension.

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