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  • Rosemary Ferguson has her clinic on Harley Street where, as a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, she advises on healthy living that is achievable through food. With her skills she guides us to better mental and physical health.
  • We all want to seek out nutritional help to guide us to a healthier path but sometimes we feel too guilty to confess to what we really put inside our system, especially when practitioners are so clean themselves.
  • This is exactly why we went to see Rosemary Ferguson. Rosemary has a very honest and realistic approach to nutrition, as she lives like any other person, balancing a clean lifestyle with a real lifestyle.
  • My initial consultation lasted an hour and a half where we discussed my past and assessed what course of action was most suitable for me. To assist Rosemary, I put together my weekly food diary so she could see what was really going into my tummy.
  • We decided on a two-week liver cleanse with NutriAdvanced – a simple change to eating habits alongside a collection of supplements to support the cleanse. The cleanse left me feeling spectacular and energised, I’ve done many cleanses and this one had me feeling more positive and stronger throughout.
  • Lubelle Tip: Rosemary offers cooking classes tailored to your needs. As well as this she also conducts kitchen visits to go through your cupboards, fridges and freezers to assess what needs changing.

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Nutritionist & Naturopath


22 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PL, England



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