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Lubelle Loves

  • Russian Banya, right on Grosvenor Gardens, is a delightful 3-hour ritual not to be missed. In ancient times when The Russians lived in villages and settlements in the forest the heart of the village was called Banya, where locals would gather and bathe together.
  • The Russian Banya is not luxurious, but that’s not the point.
  • It’s an experience to take you away from your world of electronics and schedules and puts you in a slow pace to purify your mind and your senses.
  • This place is renown to detoxify and relax the muscles this is good for the mind, body and spirit.
  • We began in the lovely sauna, followed by as long as you can stand under the freezing cold shower or in the ice cold plunge pool.
  • You’re then encouraged to take yourself in towel into the cafe area to rehydrate with gallons of water or tea.
  • Then you pootle back in and repeat the ritual. After a few sessions a Russian man with a towel around his waist and little hat upon his head will usher you and your friend into a sauna with 2 flat tables. You’ll remove all items except for your hat and lay face down in some damp oak leaves.
  • This may seem odd, and it is, but equally incredible not knowing what comes next. We then giggled our way through 2 men beating us with oak branches and occasionally sprinkling us with freezing water. This was so relaxing and reviving we just didn’t want it to stop.
  • We were then ushered under the freezing shower and dunked in the plunge pool before being told we could now relax and feel recharged.
  • Don’t miss this experience, it’s amazing.

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Russian Bath House


1 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London SW1W 0BD, UK


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