Simon Cheung


+44 20 7730 7928


Chelsea, London


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Lubelle Loves

  • Simon is a qualified acupuncturist and chinese medicine practitioner with 29 years of experience in the field of acupuncture. He uses it to treat the general dysfunction of the body and stress-related disorders.
  • Simon also specialises in the treatment of infertility, seasonal allergies, skin diseases and asthmatic conditions.
  • I have visited Simon over the years to help with an array of problems from fertility to psoriasis.
  • He has an incredibly charming manner and manages to reset my entire body.
  • Whilst you are having your acupuncture, Simon will talk to you about how you are really feeling. He has a way of getting you to open up about your emotional state.
  • One of life's magical people.

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Wilbraham Place Practice, 9A Wilbraham Place, London SW1X 9AE, England


£140 for initial appointment, £120 for follow up appointments