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Based in New York and San Francisco but travels all over.


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Lubelle Loves

  • Tarot By Dante is the most incredible insightful tarot reading you are likely to come across, he’s based in the US but travels all over.
  • Whilst attending the London store opening of Gabriela Hearst on Mount Street I was invited to go downstairs for a reading by Gabriela’s tarot reader, Dante.
  • Met by a charming and stylish American male, I was rather sceptical, given I’d not had a reading since I was 15.
  • But as I sat across from Dante and we organised my cards real interest was piqued by the turning over of the devil! Although assured this was not necessarily a negative thing what he went on to tell me, his anonymous client, was truly haunting.
  • A lot of travel ahead might not be that hard to predict but, my middle child facing challenges was quite insightful given I’d not shared any details. Feeling trapped? Who isn’t after marriage and kids? Recently set up a new business and considering a 3rd partner? Pretty strange. And to then predict fall outs that went on to happen only a week later…..too much of a coincidence to be simple guess work.
  • Dante and my cards have really left me thinking. My reading was only about 5 minutes but on his next jaunt to the UK I definitely need the full hour to get more of a scoop on my future and guidance on what to look out for.

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Incredible tarot reading.


Mostly US but reach out and see when he’s next in your hood or book a phone session.