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  • I had never felt strongly about beauty products until I brought Tata Harper. I certainly never thought natural would work either!
  • Having struggled with spots and skin pigmentation for many years, I imagined the only root would be chemical. After trying Tata Harper I saw a huge difference in my skin after just one month. Now, 6 months later my skin pigmentation has nearly gone, I wear less foundation and my spots have cleared up completely.
  • Products I swear by in the range are:
    - Hydrating mask
    - Regenerating cleanser
  • The regenerating cleanser has a gentle exfoliator in it that really cleanses the skin morning and night and I am sure this is what has stopped my spots, as every time I run out, my skin flares up. The hydrating mask is excellent for the winter months. I apply it overnight twice a week.
  • Honestly, this is the best natural skin care out there. I never want to be without it again.

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