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  • The Key Clinic is a centre that challenges behaviours previously thought to be for life.
  • Based in London and Berkshire, the clinic is an incredible, calm oasis where the nurturing team help children perform to the best of their abilities, in a drug free environment, with Neuroplastic Therapy.
  • ‘What’s that?’ I hear you say….neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain, a flexible organ, to rewire itself building new connections and evolving pathways.
  • Why might you go there? Because of behavioural, coordination, academic, attention, speech & language and emotional difficulties. The aim is to identify the symptoms and assess the potential cause.
  • On my journey to find a solution for my son's ADHD that did not involve Ritalin or any other prescription drugs, I stumbled upon The Key Clinic.
  • My son was immediately at ease in the calming environment and talking to the lovely Sarah, who founded the clinic to offer healing to struggling kids.
  • Prior to the appointment, we filled out an in-depth questionnaire of my son's life from the moment he was conceived.
  • We then did various assessments involving movement of the body, eyes and much more. We did an auditory test which highlighted hyper sensitive hearing – no surprise he couldn’t concentrate when he could hear a pin drop!
  • We finished the session with some Craniosacral Therapy, which he found really relaxing.
  • Things on offer - Auditory Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Nutrition and Neuromovement Therapy
  • There is a lovely farm shop, at The Key Clinic in Berkshire, and a café underneath the clinic, so don’t worry if you arrive early!

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The Berkshire one is only half an hour from Oxford. Lots can be done via Skype


​36 Devonshire Place, London, W1G 6JR, England
The Key Clinic, Manor Courtyard, Hampstead Norreys, Thatcham, West Berkshire, RG18 OTD, England


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