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Lubelle Loves

  • Vanderohe's aroma-centric skincare is sublime and simple.
  • Today we are overwhelmed with different brands touting different products for different skin types and one can get completely lost and broke in the pursuit of good skin.
  • Do we really need day & night products and then 8 separate products on top?
  • But this weekend when I (and my husband) sampled Vanderohe our skin LOVED the simplicity of just 2 products.
  • A delicious oil cleanser that you massage into your skin and then rinse off with the all-natural Sasawashi exfoliating face cloth felt both kind and productive.
  • The fabric of the cloth is made from traditional Japanese paper, washi and leaves from the Kumazasa plant, a type of bamboo grown in the highlands of Japan.
  • After cleansing you apply a couple of drops of the beautiful face oil blended with organic cold pressed organic wild-harvested oils.
  • You’d think that to wear an oil and apply foundation you would be left with a shiny face, but not with Vanderohe. It sinks beautifully into your skin and leaves you with a warm and healthy glow.
  • There is nothing I enjoy more than simplicity that actually works and here you have it.
  • Ingredients are taken from the plants original source therefore if lavenders true country is Bulgaria then this is where Vanderohe will procure their oil giving you the most potent incredible quality you could possibly find.
  • Pretty and sustainable packaging make this all the more appealing.

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