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  • If you need a MOT, some rest and to find out what’s going on in your gut, then Vivamayr is THE place to go.
  • Adhering to the principle you are what you eat then, you are also what you digest. Treat modern conditions such as stress related burnout, insomnia, allergies, immune system deficiencies, diabetes and hormonal imbalances.
  • This is not a fluffy hotel or a spa break. You are going into what feels more like a comfortable medical practice. Don’t think about alcohol or sugar as you won’t find ANY here. Although on a very controlled eating plan, the food is delicious.
  • Your doctor will take a full medical and lifestyle record and then apply kinesiology, which is a form of muscle testing, to assess your response to certain foods, metals and other such properties. The kitchen will be given your eating plan for the duration of your stay based on these results, but don't worry.
  • The clinic recommends sticking to your bespoke cure plan for a further 3 weeks after you leave and believe you me, it wasn't easy to avoid alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine with temptation all around me at home and in the office. But I did it and it was so worth it. You will feel absolutely AMAZING afterwards.
  • I loved my time at Vivamayr because I go alone and thus it also forces me to be by myself and face questions I might otherwise be avoiding because I put everything and everyone before me. Note to self, must stop doing this! It afforded me the space to reconnect with myself again and to become much more creative.
  • Vivamayr have a day patient clinic on Harley Street, London so you can always choose to meet a doctor there and dip your toe in to see what you think.

Need to Know


Wellness clinic - to get the full benefit, stick religiously to your plan for 3 weeks after you leave. Try and do it once a year. If you can adapt your lifestyle just a little bit to incorporate some of their teachings, you are on the road to a longer and healthier life.


Fischerndorf 222, 8992 Altaussee, Austria


Rooms start from £180 per person

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