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  • To be honest, I was a latecomer to Votary, but it’s now a daily staple of mine.
  • What sets it apart from other beauty oils I’ve tried? I like the fact that it isn’t loaded with extra perfumes and unnecessary ingredients, plus it has a very simple message - it’s a range of natural, hand-crafted facial oils for cleansing and treating the skin and uses ingredients like seeds and fruits. I see it as superfood feeding my face.
  • The owner, Arabella Preston, created the range because of the simplicity of her own skincare regime, which consisted of cleaning her face with a natural oil and moisturising it with another. She created Votary to bring the skin back into optimum balance, to make it the best it can possibly be (her skin is a beaming, beautiful example of that).
  • I am a real believer that we overload our skin with way too many products - too many serums, creams and potions. Votary is a celebration of simply nourishing your skin and since I’ve been using it my skin hasn’t broken out at all.
  • My favourite products are the Super Seed Facial Oil, which I use morning and night and the Super Seed Cleansing Oil, which not only cleans skin but removes stubborn eye makeup too. Votary oils sink straight into your skin leaving it plump rather than greasy, to healthy glowing skin.
  • With beautiful green and black glass bottles, it’s also extremely pleasing to look at on my bathroom shelf.

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