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North Devon

Lubelle Loves

  • When we’re staying at our place in Saunton, North Devon, it’s important for us to stick to some sort of exercise routine and heavenly Lauren is on my speed dial for yoga.
  • Thank god she will come to us at home and take care of us all.
  • Living locally and working at the well know Yeotown Kitchen, she has a wealth of knowledge on all yoga styles.
  • With men in our lives who need loosening up and us desperate for some mental clarity, we can all find our fix. The kids are even keen to join in.
  • No two sessions are the same. We can go for a calming or rigorous session depending on our mood on that day.
  • I always finish the lesson feeling like a new woman (until the next tantrum that is)!

Need to Know


Mobile yoga instructor


£50 for an hour